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Testimonial From A Satisfied Customer

To Rick and Crew – Steve, Jason, and Jim, you guys were the greatest.  I cannot imagine having any other company doing the work we had done.

Rick said they would be here every day and they and they were, except for a couple of holidays.  The small amount of time it took them to do the work that needed to be done was truly amazing!  I got along with everyone great.  Sound funny, but I will miss you all.  You all have made this tragic experience much easier to accept.

I really don’t know what else to say.  I could go on and on.  There was not one bad thing that happened through the whole process!

Thank you so much Rick for being a man of your word.  I have much respect for you.  Steve, Jason, and Jim – even though we may never see each other again I consider you all my friends.

Bryan, Stacy, Chelsea, Bryan Jr., and our animals: Legion, Tyson, Alice, Raver, Mayy

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