CatRec Operations During Coronavirus
CatRec Restoration always puts safety first for our employees and customers. To combat the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19, we are implementing the following precautions:

  • Before being dispatched to a customer’s structure, all CatRec Restoration Experts will undergo a health check to ensure that personnel are not exhibiting fever, cough, or other symptoms of coronavirus / COVID-19.
  • CatRec Restoration Disinfection Experts will wear shoe covers, gloves, and face masks whenever possible to avoid spreading contaminants.
  • We encourage all customers to ask questions regarding disinfection and containment of the coronavirus. We will answer to the best of our ability with up to date information from the CDC.
  • We will communicate with customers from a safe distance and minimize contact. We will maintain an ideal distance of 10 feet from customers and fellow employees whenever possible.
  • Employees will sanitize and clean their hands often, before and after entering your structure.
  • Please inform us before your service if you would like CatRec employees to take special precautions or if you have any concerns.

CatRec is available to remove Coronavirus throughout Michigan, including the cities of Marshall, Battle Creek, Jackson, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Hillsdale, Homer, Albion, Kalamazoo, and Somerset Center.