Mold is synonymous with water damage.  Mold contamination can become a serious problem after any water damage occurs. 

If left unchecked, mold contamination can result in serious structural damage and health risks for you and your family. While mold itself is not toxic, certain types of mold produce substances known as mycotoxins.  Studies show that these mycotoxins can be the cause of many serious illnesses and allergies. Mold can become a problem in any building, any climate and any geographic region.

CatRec Restoration is one of the leading mold removal experts in Michigan.  Our team will take action to identify and remove any mold contamination, repair any damage, and apply techniques to prevent further mold growth.

Call CatRec Restoration today at 1-800-598-9813 to schedule a Free Mold Inspection.  If mold damage is found, there is no deductible in most cases!